First sip.

new city:new world

Whoa, it's been awhile.  I don't really have a great excuse for my lack of blog attention except that I've been wrapped up in a new city.  But here's a post to see if I can successfully resurrect Duck Soup 2G.  

This is my new apartment in Seattle.  This picture doesn't show off the incredible view of downtown, the Space Needle, Queen Anne, and Lake Union.  Nor does it pinpoint the Capitol Hill location I'm nestled in within walking distance to almost anything I need and/or want. It also doesn't tell the complete story of my last five months like getting a job, being scared out of my mind, eating delicious food, getting lost time after time (in more ways than one), or how lucky I've been during this pilgrimage.  It does, however, convey the coziness of my new home, which feels more and more like home every day.

Home.  What a concept.  A few weeks ago I went home to Minnesota.  It was fun, but strange.  Strange that everything seemed to have stayed the same while I felt like a completely different person.  I kept wondering how things could have changed so much for me, but stayed so much the same elsewhere.  Within three days, I felt like I had never left and easily fell back into the familiar.  When I flew home at the end of that long weekend, I kept having to remind myself that flying home now meant going to Seattle and not the other way around.  But I was headed back to my new home.  Back to Tim and Arlo.  Back to Seattle.  And it felt right.

Tim picked this ivy the week we moved to Seattle.  It's lived in a thin vase on our dining room table ever since.  It seems happy there.  If the ivy can thrive in a new environment, so can I.

olympic peninsula

Storm King Mountain.

Elk, sprouts and wildflowers.

Hoh Rainforest.

Cape Flattery.  The most northwestern corner of the continental United States.

Tide pools along the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Ruby Beach.


Meet Tim.  Tim likes books, hikes, and good food.  Just to name a few of the simpler things.  Tim is also my perfect companion to pack up and move 1,600 miles to take on a new city, a new adventure, and a new life.

I've had this blog for awhile now and posted the pictures I've taken as I try to teach myself photography.  The photo to your left, for example, was the first picture I ever took with a tripod.

Even if no one is looking, Duck Soup seems to close the deal for me when I send these pictures out into the void -- to have a place where they can live and folks can see them if they'd like.  A pictoral essay of my last six months.   Realizing this, I thought it might not be such a bad exercise to take this outlet one step further by evolving Duck Soup into a journal of photographs and notes.  I'm thinking sometimes just photos, other times just words, usually both.  (Knowing me, sometimes there will be nothing at all.)  Altogether, I like the idea of using this platform to chronicle a new uprooting.

So, please say hello the second generation of Duck Soup.  Duck Soup 2G.  The new me.

christmas present

I took this picture from Indian Mounds Park overlooking downtown St. Paul.  Arlo almost got attacked by a coyote while waiting for me to get the shot, but luckily we all made it back safely with a fun Christmas gift for my dad.  I got it printed to 28X9, framed it in a great frame I found at Goodwill, and got it professionally mounted and matted by my new friends at The Framing Place in West St. Paul.  It was a lot of fun to see one of my photos 'done up.'

dude looks like a lady

The other night I got to bring my camera to the Gay 90s in Minneapolis to take pictures of the drag show.  They were putting on a fundraiser for Domingo, a 90s' staffer who is battling cancer and doesn't have insurance.  The whole thing was really cool -- all the performers and bartenders donated their tips to Domingo, and it looked like he went home with a bucket of cash.  Such a thoughtful, generous act.  Especially since these girls bring home the bacon.  If you haven't been to the 90s' drag show - go.  It is some of the best entertainment in Minneapolis, and these girls Work It.  And, possibly best of all, it's a judgement-free zone.  So go, have fun and dance to the music.