dude looks like a lady

The other night I got to bring my camera to the Gay 90s in Minneapolis to take pictures of the drag show.  They were putting on a fundraiser for Domingo, a 90s' staffer who is battling cancer and doesn't have insurance.  The whole thing was really cool -- all the performers and bartenders donated their tips to Domingo, and it looked like he went home with a bucket of cash.  Such a thoughtful, generous act.  Especially since these girls bring home the bacon.  If you haven't been to the 90s' drag show - go.  It is some of the best entertainment in Minneapolis, and these girls Work It.  And, possibly best of all, it's a judgement-free zone.  So go, have fun and dance to the music.

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  1. these pictures are AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! i love every single one of them. nice job! i can feel the magic.