Meet Tim.  Tim likes books, hikes, and good food.  Just to name a few of the simpler things.  Tim is also my perfect companion to pack up and move 1,600 miles to take on a new city, a new adventure, and a new life.

I've had this blog for awhile now and posted the pictures I've taken as I try to teach myself photography.  The photo to your left, for example, was the first picture I ever took with a tripod.

Even if no one is looking, Duck Soup seems to close the deal for me when I send these pictures out into the void -- to have a place where they can live and folks can see them if they'd like.  A pictoral essay of my last six months.   Realizing this, I thought it might not be such a bad exercise to take this outlet one step further by evolving Duck Soup into a journal of photographs and notes.  I'm thinking sometimes just photos, other times just words, usually both.  (Knowing me, sometimes there will be nothing at all.)  Altogether, I like the idea of using this platform to chronicle a new uprooting.

So, please say hello the second generation of Duck Soup.  Duck Soup 2G.  The new me.